What do Republicans like best...................

Im older than you.

I got to live the glory.

All of it from start to end. I was in school for the first Gampel game. the rise of our program from 89- to the zenith in ' 14 I was 22 to 47 years old. The perfect stretch of my life to enjoy that stuff. Im content. Im 51 now. You can bury the program with me. I had a great run. Nothing left to live for on that front. All gravy from here on out. You want me to trade that for some conference affiliation with no guarantees that we ever even win anything again? Thanks no Thanks.

Plus I think the other difference is that you like College Football. I think College Football is 2nd only to Trump as the worst thing to ever happen to America.

That's why you are willing to give up our titles. For Big conference football. UConn could be playing for a National Title on the gridiron and I'd be watching Julie Chen in a Wheelchair hosting the Live eviction on Big Brother 49. :)
And I'm older than both of you started fandom in 1975 watched the move to the Big East and the changing of the guard from Perno to Calhoun. I wish we were in a better conference with higher quality opponents, but trade 4 National Championships for P5 - no way!


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Where is Scalito, anyway? Did he take his moderator beanie and go home?
Hes not a mod here. A big reason it is so refreshing.

Hes still on the pool, currently quadrupling down on anti-semetic dog whistles. And thinking its a funny troll. Im 100% serious.

It's why Im way more content to hang here now.


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I'm not getting deep policy discussions from you. Any issue you wish to debate, I've already beaten the best the right (message board division) has to offer plus a few mildly known pols and pundits.

But if you wish to try, I'm game.
You’re an admitted Hamas and Hezbollah sympathizer. I am a not a pacificist and will not engage with terrorist sympathizers. Plus you’re way below my league. You have low self esteem and attempt to mask that with message board narcissism. You create fictional arguments to claim victory. I am not impressed.

P.S. I know of ADub from the BY. Your handle doesn’t even ring a bell.